[Advcomparch] pos xekino se stall mode?

sp k sp.k699 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 29 12:15:39 EEST 2011

eimai sto 3.4.1
exo dimiourgisei checkpoint me onoma name.check (sto fakelo exo :  name.check, name.check.disk0_image, name.check.ram0_image,name.check.rom0_image, name.check.rom1_image, name.check.vga0_vram_image  )
ektelo :
clainmain at clainmain-pc:~/simics-workspace$ ./simics -stall -c name.checkSimics 4.0 (build 2598 x86-linux) Copyright 1998-2010 Virtutech AB
Use of this software is subject to appropriate license.Type 'copyright' for details on copyright and 'help' for on-line documentation.
SimExc_General: Opening name.check: [Error 2] No such file or directoryError - interrupting script.simics> 

Ti kano lathos?? 		 	   		  
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